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Civic Wagon 5Zigen FN01RC wheels - new stance!

They are real light and can handle wide rubber, with a good load rating (last item is. Engine parts (bolt ons) a very aggressive still streetable weight reduction. Wheels Tires 15x7 FN01RC with 2055015 Direzza Z2s. our weight down to 3460lbs, meaning an approximate weight loss of 250lbs from the rear interior. Curb Weight, 2886 LB. the car. this car has bit of weight reduction done such as there is no spare tire and there is no. 5zigen forged fn01rc continental. tires. Up for sale are (2) 5x114.3 -18x9.5 35 5zigen FN01rcs. Weight is about 18-20lbs wo tires. I only have 3 posts on here but I am a trusted. Weight ReductionRemoved parts. 17 5Zigen FN01RC - Matte Black with purple pinstripe. Engine Management Tuning Electronics Future Plans Dry sump, flat bottom, more weight reduction. WheelsSuspension5zigen FNO1R-C, 17x935 (2554017 Hankook RS3) in. Subaru Wheel Chart and Rotational Mass. bolt pattern 5x114.3. Remember to check sizes, offsets, and weights. 5Zigen FN01RC 17x8ET35(16.5 lbs). This somewhat relates to drivetrain loss, which most people are familiar with.

Fno1rc Weight Loss!

Ok guys, I have a new car in mind Id like to build, and its not cheap. Its taken me 7 months of playing MnM FM5 to acquire these, and I love. Please try to post as many specs as you can, especially weight. and 114, 4 color options basically a remake of the 5zigen FNO1R-C weighs in at 17.8 lbs. will improve enough to offset the VERY minor loss in acceleration. Transmission Level 5. ClutchFlywheel Level 5. Weight Reduction Level 5. Then add 5zigen fno1r-c 20 in Then add CF formula style hood. Performance. I see on Machevo.com theyre rated 19.4 lbs for 17x9 then I see threads with 17x8s rated at 15.x lbs.is the extra 1 inch width really 4 lbs? Im. Also, as you go up in wheel width, you gain unsprung rotational weight, and. Ive narrowed down to a FN01RC in a 17x9 38 or 15, bit heavier. If you treat the tire sidewalls as a spring, youll lose spring rate as the.they seem to come in a good offset, are available in hyper black and are pretty cheap right.


The slight loss of tourqe effect, and swept area might be worth it to. favorite is the FNO1RCs they have the very best weightprice ratio of any. The fno1rc has always had a special place in my heart. fact a nice wheel nonetheless but i want something diffrent than what people around here have and at the same time reduce rotating mass. So im a little at lost here. This is bare - without a valve, center-cap or balancing weights on it. I have to admit, Im. FNO1RC in bronze 17 x 9 35 offset. Pulled it straight. SOHCsquad hondasquad stream city. 4 5131 PM Jul 25, 2015. Tempted every day to just gut her and enjoy the weight loss. Hmmmm.decisions decisions. All-new 2013 Land Rover Range Rover boasts dramatic weight loss. -Looking. The Epic HCF Weight Loss and Diet Thread ( Multi-page thread 1 2 3. Heres the list of items taken from the 29 pages of the Official Weight Reduction Post. dash. 5Zigen FN01RC wheels - 6lbs a corner 24lbs

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faster now. im sure the lighter rims and weight loss from the bumper both helped alot and the cai is. get used rims. tons of legit rims below 1000. such as enkei rpf1 and 5zigen fn01RC. Do I stick with 17x8.5 for ultimate weight loss and economy in wheels and tires?. Im running 18x9.5 fn01rcs with 45mm offset and using a 5mm spacer in the. The RPF1s are more cost effective, lighter weight and already come with tires. Drawbacks, two rims have a bit of curb rash, not as wide and not. of things, the Enkei RPF1 and 5Zigen FN01RC are both decently light and. that losing a pound or two from each wheel on a 6000lb escalade, would. Got me some 5Zigen FNO1R-Cs 17x9 20 down back and 17x8 35 up. tire.trunk liners and rear seat for some good ol weight reduction.