1993 Fox Body Mustang Weight Loss

1979-1993 Fox Body Mustangs have many going points, but the factory suspension system is not one. This is. Weight reduction from stock

Teach me the ways of the early fox body mustang. Ran 14.80s all day long with the air conditioning on and no weight reduction. SHOULD have been faster but the car. 1987 -1993 nothing much changed. 88 cali cars had. Thou shall never do a slantback front end. That was the commandment from Gene Bordinat, Fords vice president of design, Henry Ford II only. This is because your suspension isolates your wheels from the body. baer eradispeed eradispeed brakes mustangfanclub mustang fan club vossen vfs6. equipped S550 Mustang were an awesome choice of styling and weight reduction. orangeCorsaEFIFeaturefoxbodygeorgia regional mustang. 1993 red cobra. We run full synthetic in all the Mustangs at this house. I have seen dyno test that there is a 3-5 rwhp lose using sythetic on mildly.

AJE Suspension Mustang K-Member Perches 4.6/5.0/5.4 1979-1993

However, apparently the new fox Mustang body was losing some interest with. Mustang GT is the lowest production Mustang GT between 1982 and 1993. By swapping the K-member alone the weight savings is 34 pounds and if you upgrade to tubular a-arms, lightweight struts and brakes the total weight reduction can be up. Tubular K-Member 1979-04 Ford Mustang 1979-93 Ford Fox Body Cars. Total calculated weight loss 340lbs. actually most 87-93 fox mustangs have a fiberglass front bumper and a thick steel rear. side body mouldings?. httpi125.photobucket.comalbumsp791993SSPstangside2.jpg The number one way to reduce the weight of a fox body mustang is to cut it up.right?I wanted to take just a second and tell everyone thanks and let you in on. Fords Shelby GT350 R Is The Most Track-Ready Mustang Ever Built. 1987-1993 Fox Body GTs. For a while, the car known simply as The. I know it was best looking Fox body though 1979-93. it to a buddy who beat the hell out it until I finally lost track of the buddy and car. fox body ever made from the factory as far as power to weight ratio goes atleast. As long as its between the ages of 1979 and 1993, its a Fox Body. Fox Body Mustang had a pretty significant amount of weight reduction.

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Weight 46 lb. of the cars center pan section, with minimum additional weight and no loss in ground clearance. KB-29551 Fits 1979-1993 Fox Mustang GT, V6 Cobra (kit includes KB-29004, KB-28009, KB-28019). 2005-2012 Mustangs, GT500 do not need subs to install Extreme Matrix Brace. Aero Body. The third-generation Mustang the so-called fox body was. featured the pony badge on the exterior was the 1993 SVT Cobra, which had a small one placed in the grille. in a lean, 2,700-pound curb weight and improved outward visibility. In the 1960s, Sonny and Cher had famed Los Angeles car.


Features. Direct Bolt On 170lb Spring Rate Great Weight Reduction Fox Style Ball Joints. How To Install Fox Body Mustang Team Z K-Member (1979-1993) And thats exactly what the lightweight FOX body Mustangs packed from 1987. (Ford changed the pistons and down-rated the engine to 205 HP in 1993). mile without forced induction or serious weight reduction and slicks. Weight loss four reviews.